We are a platform dedicated to simplifying and automating the onboarding process and KYC procedures for new B2B clients. Our goal is to help businesses focus on growth and elevate their service levels while ensuring compliance and security.
Our Mission

In the digital-first era of customer interactions, offering a fast and seamless onboarding experience is crucial for B2B services. However, implementing rigorous account checks can be burdensome, costly, and damaging to the customer experience. Our platform provides a solution to this challenge.

By integrating our platform through a single REST API, businesses can ensure real-time legal entity verification during customer sign-up. Our up-to-date and accurate information guarantees that only legally registered and active entities gain access to your services. We simplify and streamline the onboarding experience by auto-filling sign-up forms with precise information, reducing form abandonment.

Our platform captures and maintains accurate customer data, eliminating the need for costly manual remediation. We provide real-time company profiles that include essential registration details, such as company name, number, registered address, registration date, and industry classification.

With our API integration, businesses can conduct post sign-up checks, enabling first-line due diligence and compliance. Our platform seamlessly integrates with customer management systems, allowing firms to identify individual risks and flag areas for review.

We are committed to global coverage and are actively connecting with registrars in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Our perpetual monitoring solution automates the detection of material changes to company data, reducing the need for manual intervention. Lite Monitoring tracks changes to key registration information, while Enhanced Monitoring also includes directors and shareholders.

Our platform

Our platform provides real-time legal entity verification via a single REST API integration.

Unlike traditional providers of company data, our information is up-to-date, accurate and legally authoritative. Using our platform is the best way to ensure that whenever customers sign up to your platform, they are automatically screened in a quick, easy and unobtrusive manner.

  • Entity Verification
    Collect accurate data at the time of B2B customer sign-up and verify customer-provided information against company registries.
  • Know Your Customer
    Simplify onboarding workflow and ensure that only legitimate, active entities can access your services.
  • Monitoring
    Maintain the quality of your customer data by perpetual monitoring of changes to counterparty risk profiles.
  • Data Cleanse
    Identify deficiencies in your existing customer information and align your dataset with legally authoritative data from corporate registries.
Our goal is to help businesses to focus on what really matters - elevating levels of service and driving towards growth, whilst always remaining compliant and secure.
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